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NUS Black Students Summer Conference 2012 Special Report

Ceasefire's Adam Elliott-Cooper reports from this year's NUS Black Students Summer Conference, which took place last weekend. .

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Attendees at NUS Black Students Conference 2011

Twice a year, students of African, Caribbean, Asian and Latin American descent gather for a national conference. The conference consists of training workshops on a range of topics including International Solidarity, Environmental Justice, Policing the Police, Black Representation and Fighting Fascism.

These workshops are facilitated by experienced activists in the field, who help to develop campaigns and actions. Moreover, it is an opportunity to share ideas and experiences of racism and resistance.

Motions are passed to direct policy for the campaign. Policies range from solidarity with Palestine and Congo, to opposition to NATO’s invasions of Afghanistan and Libya. Last weekend’s conference saw motions debated around police racism, the English Defence League and a National Demonstration against fees and cuts.

The current committee had to make statements, submit reports and answer questions from the conference floor in order to maintain accountability. Elections were held for committee members to represent Women, LGBT, Disabled, International, Further Education, Postgraduate and Mature students.

A number of guest speakers also addressed the conference every year. Past contributors include Kofi Klu and Lee Jasper.

This year’s speakers included Fahim Alam (StopWatch), Peter Herbert (society of Black Lawyers), Shanta Driver (By Any Means Necessary), Phyllis opoku-Gyimah (UK Black Pride), Vava Tampa (Save the Congo) and Rania Al-Najjar (Palestinian Student from Gaza).

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