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Live Blog UK Riots 2011

On Sunday, the London street riots spread to other areas of the capital, notably Enfield and Brixton. Our live blog has the latest images and videos from Ceasefire's reporters on the ground.

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Following last weekend’s disturbances in Brixton and Tottenham the protests have spread to the numerous London boroughs including Hackney, Peckham and Croydon, as well as UK cities Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and more. These reports are direct from reporters on the ground.

Riots rocked Tottenham on Saturday 8th after a protest against the shooting of a 29 year old man by police. For some context, read this article by Hana Riaz, previously interviewed on Ceasefire.

Note: Times correspond to reporting, not necessarily to times of actions. Images and video may be copyright Ceasefire Magazine, please contact us if you wish to use them.

Sunday 14th August

14.00: The People has published this image from Manchester yesterday which shows a police officer pointing a semi-automatic machine gun at the head of an 11-15 year old:

Saturday 13th August

23.00: The extreme sentencing post-riots has been described as “collective punishment,” with some claiming that there are severe judicial aspects being overlooked. The Guardian reports: “Nicholas Robinson, 23, an electrical engineering student with no previous convictions, was jailed for the maximum permitted six months after pleading guilty to stealing bottles of water worth £3.50 from Lidl in Brixton.” One man was given a 16 week sentence for saying to an officer “I’d smash you if you took your uniform off.”

20.45: Article & photos from today’s unity demonstration – Right to work.

20.30: London burns – causes & consequences of the riots – an anarchist perspective, from the Workers Solidarity Movement. This is a detailed account and they have also shared ‘videos worth watching’, many of which are listed here.

20.20: “Some thoughts about the Tottenham riots;” from Hanringey Solidarity Group. “A lot needs to change. Listening rather than judging – help rather than jail – are small steps in the right direction.”

20.00: Notting Students Against Fees & Cuts issued a statement yesterday condemning the response to the riots and asking for a call to action. They call for disbanding of the IPCC, reinstatement of EMA and scrapping of fees, amongst other things.

18.00: UK riots debate in Clapham – Flip Life TV: “They aren’t acting greedy – they’re acting hungry.” “You can’t be ashamed of them if you’ve given them nothing to make you proud.”

13.25: Happening now: Give Our Kids a Future! A North London Unity Demonstration

‘Bankers are the real looters:’

Friday 12th August

00.00: BBC tonight: Pure racism from so-called historian David Starkey: ‘The whites have become black‘ Also features author of Chavs, Owen Jones, reviewed here on Ceasefire.

20.28: Peter Osborne writes “The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom” for the Telegraph.

20.25: Turkish-Kurdish Community in Dalston gives press announcement about riots in London

16.50: James Meadway at the Coalition of Resistance’s Riots, Recession & Resistance yesterday. More videos from the event here.

15.10: Leading opinion piece in today’s Independent: “The Prime Minister’s draconian gimmicks;” discusses the huge impracticalities of the Prime Ministers suggestions of monitoring social media, curfew powers, approval of water cannons and baton rounds and other ‘petty regulations.’ “The reform that is really needed is one that goes to the root social causes of the disturbances.”

15.00: Tweet: “Cameron: “A culture that glorifies violence.” London hosts DSEi, the world’s biggest arms fair in five weeks time.”

1:45Am: British College Kid Gets 6 Months in Prison for Looting $5 Worth of Bottled Water, in Gawker.

Thursday 11th August

Reporting from public meeting “Riots, Recession, Resistance:”
Note: These are paraphrased quotations

“Coalition of Resistance meeting at ULU is packed, hundreds standing at the back alone. Some really great and inspiring speeches.” – Over 300 people by the end.

20.30: John McDonnell has just come from the House of Commons, says that the commons today was ‘absolute hypocrisy’: “For 3 decades, governments have constructed a looter society!”

20.20: “Government shouldn’t talk about families when they’re tearing them up making parents work double shifts,” Says MP John McDonnell

20.10: Lee Jasper of BARAC: “The corruption is coming from the top down in British society.”

20.00: “Why did the riots start in Haringey not Henley? Because they have everything to do with poverty and deprivation.” – James Meadway, Chief Economist at New Economics Foundation

19.53: “So, great Britain. You can get all the brooms out you want, but you cannot sweep away the legitimate concerns of our youth.” – Nephew of Smiley Culture.

19.50: “Get what you can when you can,” the mentality reflected across society that we teach our kids.

19.49: Smiley Culture’s nephew: “The idea that our youth are politically apathetic and unaware is a fallacy…Society has taught them that violence is the answer.”

19.45: Mother of Demetre Fraser, who died in police custody: “I want justice or no peace!”

19.35: Andrew Murray from Unite: “Our government will pay nothing to relieve poverty and will pay anything to repress the poor.”

19.30: Clare Solomon: “They are avoiding the word rioters – Why? Because it is a political term.”

19.27: “Debates about investment in public services – where have they been? Nowhere…Britain needs to face itself in the mirror and have a discourse – it’s time for the truth to win.”

19.25: “Riots do not happen in a vacuum.” Symeon Brown, community worker from Tottenham discusses that what happened after the riots is what’s important, looking at the history of rebellion. “Not acknowledging the root causes.”

19.00: Happening now: Public meeting “Riots, Recession, Resistance,” discussing the events in Tottenham and across the UK. Reports are that it is well attended at around 250 people, with all the seats taken. See speakers here.


19.40: Reuters social media timeline of London riots – Only cites local journalists and known news organisations who were definitely not the first people there.

17.00: “PM says sites such as Twitter and Facebook ‘can be used for ill’ and that broadcasters should hand footage of riots to police,” according to The Guardian, in attempts at censorship by ‘banning’ people from using social media.

16.10: Reports of police raids taking place to “recover stolen goods,” according to BBC.

16.00: Discussions taking place in Parliament, we will continue to cover activity on the ground.

15.40: Reports that there are Welsh police in Stretham: “They seem to be ‘chatting’ with every other person as if to say ‘we’re police and we’re here’.”

13.25: A public meeting entitled “Riots, Recession, Resistance” is taking place tonight, called by the ‘Coalition of Resistance’ and ‘Black Activists Rising Against Cuts.’ It will take place at 7pm at the ULU on Malet Street, London.

13.10: At least 3 people have been arrested “on suspicion of using Twitter and Blackberry Messenger to incite violent disorder in Southampton.” A man has been charged for riot incitement on Facebook, report the Independent.

11.20: A candlelit vigil took place in Birmingham last night to mark the deaths of the 3 men killed during the riots. This was celebrated as a unification of Muslims and Sikhs, as they debated over how to respond to the tragedy.

11.05: This video of a TEDx talk by Paul Lewis explains ‘citizen journalism’ and how it was used to expose the cases of Ian Thomlinson and Jimmy Mubenga. This has also been used by Ceasefire to cover the riots and other stories.

11.00: Activity last night was minimal, the first night without riots in 5 days.

Wednesday 10th August

Following figures of arrests (continually growing):
Metropolitan: 805 (251 charged)
Greater Manchester: 300
West Midlands: 109
Nottinghamshire: 84
Merseyside: 50
Avon & Somerset: 24
TOTAL: 1,335

23.56: “Was in Lewisham, saw a lot of police…and possibly anti-EDL crew. Bus didn’t stop in Lewisham, police said it was because of ‘anti-riot demo’.”

23.55: Video of EDL in Eltham on Tuesday night:

23:50: Apart from pockets in Eltham and Tottenham, things seem quiet tonight – via Paul Lewis & Twitter activity.

19.00: After 4 days of riots across the UK, an anti-austerity demonstration is taking place in Deptford, South London, to bring to light some of the underlying causes of the riots.

18.50: Anti-Cuts demonstration currently taking place in Deptford. Chants of “Our kids future not for sale put the bankers into jail,” and “Blame the government not the kids.”

17.40: “The BBC apologises for a live interview on its news channel – broadcast on Tuesday – in which presenter Fiona Armstrong accused guest Darcus Howe of taking part in riots. The Corporation said it had not intended to show him any disrespect.” The original clip can be found further down this page.

17.15: Calls for use of water cannon refuted by Northern Ireland expert: “It is not workable at all. There are several points, including the size of these vehicles…The big issue would be manoeuvrability. They are suited to operating in a wide space, where police are faced with a crowd of rioters.”

17.00: Islamic student group ‘FOSIS’ sets up charity for Mohammad Asyraf, the Malaysian student who was a victim of an attack: Supporting a Riot Victim Away from Home

16.50: UAF members arrange counter EDL protest in Manchester tonight: “To Uaf supporters: Keep the EDL out of Mcr! Meet today@ 5.30pm, Victoria Statue, Picadilly Gardens to protest at the EDL. They plan to assemble tonight at 6pm to ‘police’ the city. Fascists not welcome in Manchester!”

16.40: After David Cameron calls those behind the Facebook group “Support the Met against the riots” the “best of Britain,” It is revealed the group’s founder Sean Boscott has tweeted numerous racist messages. He refutes the claims, saying his “account was hacked.”

Click image on the right to see the tweets.

16.20: Operation Black Vote – EDL: “These coons need gassing: “As ugly as these disturbances are they have never been about one race attacking another.”

16.00: Mark Steel’s comment piece “Imagine the Bastille with BlackBerrys” is a comedic take on some of the rhetoric about the riots. “The current violence has been contrasted with 1981, as if back then, there were proper, decent riots with a political purpose and a Specials song. Now it’s accepted by much of the establishment that there were genuine issues that enraged a generation. But at the time, as I remember, the news was packed with politicians yelling there could be no excuse for mindless criminality.”

15.50: Young man puts his points across to London Mayor Boris Johnson; “You’ve cut off so much blood supply to youth,” listing EMA, education funding and bombing in Libya as parts of the problem:

15.25: The North London Assembly has called for a ‘Unity Demonstration‘ entitled “Give Our Kids a Future!” on Saturday 13th August. “This will be a positive and peaceful march with an Assembly at the end for people to express what they are thinking about recent events.”

14.50: Interview with Tariq Jahan, father of one of the men killed in Birmingham last night:

14.25: Interview on the causes for the riots from Hackney. “I’m saddened that these people have had to sacrifice their own environment for them to be heard.”

14.12: More footage of police apparently using force on “innocent person”:

14:00: Footage from Manchester last night shows police beating people on bicycles:

13.10: Reuters article London rioters point to poverty and prejudice: “”They call it looting and criminality. It’s not that. There’s a real hatred against the system,” he added, listing what he saw as the police prejudice, discrimination and lack of opportunity that led him and his friends to loot shops, torch bins and hurl missiles at police Monday.”

12.30: “There is a completely ignored underclass,” interesting piece on BBC 5 Live

12.20: It is confirmed that tragic events in Winson Green led to the deaths of three men, one of whom has been named by the BBC as Haroon Jahan, 21.

12.00: Met police say man is in critical condition after being beaten in Ealing on Monday

11.17: Cameron confirms “more robust approach” and “Contingency are now plans in place for water cannon to be available at 24 hours’ notice.” via Guardian

10.45: EDL in Eltham, no reports of major violence:

10.30: Manchester aftermath photos:

10.10: Richer Sounds electrical store, Birmingham:

10.00: Damage done to a Tesco in Birmingham, riot cleanup:

09.30: Smoke cloud seen rising from Birmingham:

04:44: Paul Lewis (of the Guardian) tweets this pic from Barton Street in Gloucester.

04:40: Impressive photo report of UK riots at the Boston Globe.

03:59: Young man who was helped and then robbed by youths identified as 20-year-old Malaysian student Mohd Asyraf Raziq Rosli.

03:36: Reports confirm incident at Islamic centre in Leeds: “…on his way to the mosque he was confronted by a group of 12 thugs who threatened to assault him…the police were nowhere to be seen.”

03:10: According to Sangat TV (Sky 847), two brothers have died and one is in critical condition at Dudley Hospital after a riot related car accident in Birmingham.

03:09: Gloucester Riots (album of photos here):

02.21: Darcus Howe’s Timely Insurrection is a radical piece which suggests that people need to question why these riots are happening and that political organisation needs to take place.

01.50: Guardian video from Hackney yesterday demonstrates heavy-handed police tactics. “Half of the people in this community have all got a story of individual brutality. We all have stories of police brutality…The only thing they can do is answer our questions with violence…If you’re going to start treating people like animals, then people are going to start behaving like animals.”

01:24: This article on News Shopper corroborates some earlier reports about EDL and right-wing groups in Eltham: “one man was overheard speaking on his phone, saying: “It’s going to kick off. A n****r is going to get it tonight.””

01:00: Burning car in Leeds on Roundhay Road outside St. Aidans church. Another source says they were escorted out of Islamic centre by Police: “…they went crazy, 30 individuals came into the car park with cricks etc.”

00:56: BBC Reports total arrests in Manchester is 47, that the situation appears to be contained.

00:20: Reports that there is some damage to a Starbucks in Slough, but claims that it is limited to that:

00.10: Breaking AP: LONDON — British far-right group leader says 1,000 members are taking to the streets to deter rioters.

Tuesday 9th August

A total of 685 people have now been arrested in London, Scotland Yard said. 111 have been charged.

23.15: Video of people running and chanting “England, England”, uploaded around 10pm.

23.00 Unconfirmed reports coming in of rampage by EDL members in Greenwich, 2 black youths beaten up. Also reported by the BBC: “I am in Eltham…A policeman tried to tell me to get out of the area but I still had to wait for my bus. I saw a fight on another bus and a black guy get chased across the road.”

Original video from Eltham, isn’t clear enough to confirm:

22:30 Canning Circus station fire put out. Police arrest “at least” 8 suspects.

22:00 Canning Circus Police Station in Nottingham “fire bombed by a group of 30-40 males. No reports of injuries at this stage.” According to Notts Police sources

20.40: Appeal for calm after attack on Elswick mosque

20.35: Ceasefire columnist Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed looks at the deeper implications of the social unrest. The real danger, he argues, lies in what happens next in “Riot Fever as a Symptom of Systemic Failure.

20.25: Police on Barking High Road:

20.20: Ilford Lane Jewellers ramsacked:

20.07: Police making arrest in Manchester:

20.04: Police out in force in Manchester:

20.02: Quiet in Angel, police around the canal:

19.58: BBC reports that someone inciting ‘violence’ on twitter has been arrested.

19.50: Live updates from Manchester: “Riots reportedly spread to Portland St.”

19.40: Someone planking in front of police in Manchester:

19.35: Tesco smashed in Manchester:

19.20: Confirmed reports of shops attacked in Manchester, including a fire in Miss Selfridge.

19.00: Police lines in Manchester City Centre:

18.55: Riot vans racing from Shepherd’s Bush towards Central London

18.50: London Borough of Newham sending texts under “LBNMetPolic” saying “Pls keep your children safe by ensuring you know where they are this evening. Police & Council will find & prosecute those involved in violence.”

18.35: “In the West Midlands, it is already kicking off in Wolverhampton, West Bromwich and Walsall.”

18.30: Reports that the Arndale in Manchester is surrounded and under attack.

18.10: Argos in East Ham, London:

17.50: Looters breaking into shops in Salford, Manchester.

17.45: The Guardian is now maintaining an interactive map of the riots (old events in black, latest in red):

17.35: Police confirm they will be going through CCTV footage to arrest suspects post-riots.

Breaking: 17.15: The Independent Police Complaints Commission reveals no evidence that Mark Duggan opened fire at police before he was shot dead from ballistics tests.

17.10: Police batons & Baseball bats sales up by 5,000% on Amazon

17.10: Police have suggested that they may use “plastic bullets” against rioters. They are deploying 16,000 officers across London tonight.

17.00: “Up to 80 young people in standoff with Greater Manchester Police.” Riot police rushing an estate in Salford, Manchester:


16.50: Southall being evacuated by police, according to source in the area.

16.40: Carphone Warehouse Ilford attempts to prevent looters with ‘no stock’ sign:

16.30: Scotland Yard said a 26-year-old man had been found in a car suffering from gunshot wounds as violence swept through Croydon. He later died.

16.25: Police horses travelling through Angel:

Police Riots

16.15: Indymedia reports that police have been instructed to “take the gloves off” tonight, saying that they will be using tactics of “Road clearing” and “Snatch Squads.”

16.10: Reports that Beckton has been targeted, including Asda and PC World.

16.05: Reports that Toxteth police station has been closed down following fears it could be attacked tonight.

15.50: Ceasefire contributor Melanie Scagliarini, a Hackney resident, sends an eyewitness report from the area.

14.00: BlackBerry Blog hacked “You Will _NOT_ assist the UK Police because if u do innocent members of the public who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and owned a blackberry will get charged for no reason at all.” They have also posted a YouTube video to a Lowkey song. (Screenshot right).

13.00: Tariq Ali responds to the situation, asking “Why here, why now.

12.00: BBC interview with Darcus Howe allegedly removed from their website:

6.01AM Impressive Google Map of all the verified riot locations in and around London.

4.24AM: Exclusive new photos and videos from Ceasefire’s reporting team of Hackney riots.

3.32AM Bristol police confirm riots have reached the city.

3.23AM Amazing footage of police and rioters clashing in St Pauls, Bristol.

3.17AM: Powerful picture slideshow from the day on Google picasa.

2.50AM: Brixton is dead & largely empty but still with fairly large police presence. Petrol station in Tulse Hill attacked, police van guarding.

2.45AM: Money Transfer shop in West Norwood raided & Amusement arcade in Norbury.

2.05AM: Huge fire in Waltham Abbey Sony Depot.

2.00AM: Tesco Croydon looted. Arrests were being made:

2.00AM: Pharmacy in Peckham stripped bare:

12.10AM: “Shepherd’s Bush quiet, a few police and a handful of people about. Occasional sirens.”

12.05AM: Forest Gate police station lights are off, surrounded by 8 vans, some from ‘Northants Police’. Sirens everywhere.

12.00AM: “I saw my favourite Pakistani shopkeeper & his buddies chase a bunch of boys with batons/wood planks in Green Street.”

Monday 8th August

23.50: Woman vs. Police in Croydon:

23.50: Reports of Budgens in Mile End smashed up.

23.40: Fruit & Veg stall on fire:

23.40: Croydon Much smashed:

23.45: “Green Street has no damage except slightly smashed door of Tesco. Peacock with massive windows doesn’t have a scratch.”

23.40: Building billowing with smoke:

23.35: Croydon police

23.35: Croydon fruit shop on fire

23.30: Croydon shop being attacked:

[jwplayer file= “http://a.yfrog.com/img10/4511/if5.mp4”]

23.30: Croydon Dominos smashed

23.25: Croydon shops looted

23.20: Croydon cash machines broken into

23.10: Croydon shops broken into

22.57 Riots have spread to Depford, Catford, Illford, New Barnet and Romford.

22:24 Following last weekend’s disturbances in brixton and tottenham the protests have spread to the london boroughs of hackney, peckham and croydon as well as birmingham.

21:19: Hackney central is on fire.

21:37: Police helicopters being heard in Leeds.

Earlier on Sunday the riots spread to other areas of London, notably Enfield and Brixton. Ceasefire had two reporters on the ground in Brixton tonight.

2.25AM: Windows smashed in Streatham Hill independent computer store

2.00AM: [Video] Police using helicopter light and noise to disperse protesters

[jwplayer file=”http://a.yfrog.com/img685/2668/9kq.mp4″]

1.45AM: [Video] Currys raided again after police retreat. (Commentary from reporter)

[jwplayer file= “http://a.yfrog.com/img197/5803/k9ds.mp4”]

1.30AM: [Video] Police retreating/relocating after coming under hail of paving stones & other projectiles

[jwplayer file= “http://a.yfrog.com/img268/1365/p24.mp4”]

1.20AM: More riot police blocking exits


1.15AM: Police pushing people back from Brixton Recreational Centre [Video]

[jwplayer file=”http://a.yfrog.com/img88/5687/wkft.mp4″]

1AM: McDonald’s and KFC smashed


12.45AM: Vodaphone shop smashed:

12.30AM: More officers deployed:

12.25AM: Fire in Footlocker:

12.20AM: Riot police block roads:

12.15AM: Riot police blocking exit:


12.12AM: Riot police gearing up in van:

12.10AM: T-Mobile Shop looted:


12.02AM: Brixton Recreation Centre on Fire:


12.01AM: Looting Comet & Curtis:


All images and video copyright Ceasefire Magazine, please contact us if you wish to use them.

Report compiled by Usayd Younis, Ceasefire associate editor.


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Aug 8, 2011 10:08

Atrocities by police are yet again being covered-up or spun:

* Police have seriously injured a number of people through baton assaults
* Police were using terror tactics including sensory assault, setting dogs on people, CS gas, etc
* Police made one area a “sterile area”, excluding everyone including locals and journalists
* BBC coverage shows a journalist being screamed at and pushed over Tomlinson style by a riot cop
* Police shut down Brixton tube station this morning, hours after unrest in Brixton had ended
* Police have expelled locals from the area of Tottenham affected last night, supposedly for safety reasons, rendering dozens of people homeless
* Unconfirmed reports of mobile phone jamming in affected areas

It is clear that police are engaged in a psyop, trying to cause as much terror and inconvenience to locals as possible so as to drive a wedge between locals and rebels.

The BBC, running state propaganda, is terming these atrocities “assertive” and observing “inevitably there were some injuries”… They’re also saying only 100 people were involved, despite the fact that it didn’t stop when 100 people were arrested.

Police continue to prove the whole reason why this uprising has happened: nobody likes living under a totalitarian racist jackboot. But of course, police learn nothing. Disband the racist police!

Aug 8, 2011 10:49

there are always people like the last blogger who blame the police if heavy handed, or too ‘light’ handed. a raging mob intent on destruction and theft, and throwing missiles to injure or kill police, trying to protect others should be treated liek a raging mob.
if you didnt set fire and carry guns, assault the police, then you wont get arrested/hit/ thrown in jail. quite simple.

James Levy
Aug 8, 2011 11:57

The problem is that there are huge number of intelectually chalenged people in this country who not knowing the difference between fantasy and reality, think they are living in a rap/hip hop video, and spend their time playing video games for the emotionaly retarded like grand theft auto and similar.
They think its cool to be ‘ hard, violent, rude, ignorant and aggressive’ which they see as being ‘manley’. the influence of hip hop and rap music and its mindless and absurd images of machismo, sexism and racism, has has a disastrous influence on UK culture. The reason being that the people who like this sort of thing are very limited intelectually and are extremly litteraly minded. Untill those in authority accept that what people are watching and listening to has a major influence on their attitudes and indeed actions, and do something about it , no progress will be made in mainting order. The Police have their hands tied when it comes to dealinmg with these retarded cretins. It is absurd that the police are continually criticised and absused for doing what is an almost impossible job. When it comes to acts of violence or ant- social behavior there should be no human rights or tollerance whatsoever. Politnes, decency, kindnees, compassion, regard flor others good manners are civilised behaviour, these are human rights. Not loud loutish, oafish hood wearing chimps.

Aug 8, 2011 13:15

Andy, perhaps instead of bashing the police, you should have your house raided and car burnt. Then, and only then you would feel no pity for the criminals doing this.

Until then, keep your weed and criminal background at bay.

Aug 8, 2011 14:12

Quote from above poster James Levy “The reason being that the people who like this sort of thing are very limited intelectually and are extremly litteraly minded”.

There is alot of very positive hiphop music out there. I have listened to rap music since childhood and yet have still somehow managed to graduate from university and hold down a job. Studies have failed to demonstrate a link between exposure to certain types music or films and violent behaviour or lack of academic achievement. These events are due to a highly complex combination of socio-economic factors.

If you are going to attack people’s intellect then at least check your facts (and your spelling).

Aug 8, 2011 14:33

@Frank +1

Aug 8, 2011 14:43

Andy makes some very important points. To deny that the police are instrumental in the causes and the aftermath of these riots is simply incorrect. Just look at the photos of white riot police arresting black women in Brixton and tell me this isn’t more than people looting shops. Have a read of the article posted at the top of this page.

@James Levy: “oafish hood wearing chimps” can be construed as an incredibly racist remark. Your arguments hold no weight, as Frank rightly pointed out.

Live Blog Brixton Riots – Ceasefire Magazine | MTM News
Aug 8, 2011 16:09

[…] Live Blog Brixton Riots – Ceasefire Magazine […]

James Levy
Aug 8, 2011 16:26

Re the comment about my spelling unfortunately i happen to be dyslexic and when wrting quickly make errors! re my comment a about ‘hood wearing chimp’s’ this is referinmg to behavior and certainly not ‘colour’, to interpret this as a ‘racist comment’ is actaully inverted racism! colour is NOT an issue behavior is.
Re the comment about Hip Hop/Rap. It is simply NOT true that research has failed to show the connection between what one may watch or listen to and behavior/attitudes! research has in fact shown quite the contrary. The absurd and unhealthy idiot machismo and posturing shown by rap/hip hop enthusiasts is simply a mindless attempt to achive an emotional erection and a desperate grasp at the illusion of male potency! The fact is that this music (a genre i know well and have worked in) objectifies women, gloryfies ‘hardness, manliness and machismo and celebrates a cartoon wer’e so tough-ness’ that appeals to middle class whie boys who masturbate to much and don’t have nice looking girlfiends, and mindless semi litterate oafs who only speal ‘innit bro’ and who see it as a kind of musical viagra!
Where one might ask is poetry grace gentless sensitivity compassion beauty love good manners ! remember ‘it’s easy to be hard it’s harder to be soft’ This music and it’s ‘aggressive feel sense and imagery has been and is a pyschic nightmare! and we now pay the price of idiocy! i would also ;point out that having a degree simply means that you are able to pass exams, it does not mean you have any ’emotional inteligence’ or otherwise! aggressive music without gentleness delicacy or grace where people just rant and belllow in a ‘butch macho way’is emotionaly retarding and damaging! and enhances the potential for violengt aggresive acts!

James Levy
Aug 8, 2011 16:38

Finaly i would say that that if one reduces most of the conflict in the world throughout history to the present day, it is all about mend and their desperate and neurotic attempt to prove how powerful potent and in control they are! the problems in the islamic world and throughout africa and elsewhere, are all driven by men waving their weapons of potency, screaming and shouting at the top of their voices as they desperately attempt to re-inforce their sad illusions of male strength and potency. it is a brutal and evil game that has lasted for thousands of years and we have no right to consider ourlselves in a sense civilised while this still exists! Male illusions of strength and power and the objectification of women is disgusting in thne extreme, as is any belief system that where men make the rules that women are forced to live by. Sop whether in North London or the middle east, it deconstructs to one single mental disorder – machismo and male illusions of power!

Aug 8, 2011 16:54

I live right in the middle of Brixton& watched the whole thing escalate from what was supposed to be a ‘family day’ for all colours, races, religions at the Splash festival, end up being a f*cking ridiculous excuse for undersexed, unloved, dickheads to come & cause shite with their equally dickhead mates.

For a start, I bet half the people who caused all the damage last night can’t tell me (or spell) then name of the Mark Duggan, let alone give a plausible explanation of the accounts surrounding his death & why they felt they needed to riot.

I’m not here to comment on what happened with him, I don’t think the Police should have shot him dead, but then if he was carrying a gun & shooting at Police (not proved), then what the fuck else are they supposed to do? As much as the Police can be full of shit, they still have a job to do & if someone was shooting at them, then they’d have to shoot back. But as I said, I don’t think he needed to die.

But how does any of this have anything to do with what happened in Brixton last night, in short, it doesn’t. This was just an excuse for unemployed dickheads to go & nick things that they could never afford because they don’t have jobs & a days work for them involves sucking dick around the back of Iceland & then telling their mates how they ‘shanked somebody blud’.

I don’t particularly care about Halfords or Curries, they are multi million pound companies that will claim on their insurance & be back in business within days or weeks. What I do care about is Brixton & how these fuckwits have shit on their own door step & scarred so many people & pushed back the amazing reputation for fun & culture that so many people in Brixton have been working so hard on for years.

I don’t give a f*ck if a few of these nonce’s got smashed round the head by the Police. At the end of the day, if you’re throwing rocks, bricks & petrol bombs at Police, smashing cars, doors & windows then they got exactly what they fucking deserved. I’ll bet that everyone who did get assaulted by the Police will claim that they had nothing to do with it, but we all know that’s utter shit, as otherwise they wouldn’t be out at 2 in the morning would they!

Why can’t all these fucking Pikies just stop stabbed, shooting & smashing each other. I saw about 15 fights last night, at least 2 blades pulled & a lot of ‘yeah blud, I’ll shank you later blud’. What the fuck, grow up you fucking tit, you’re not fucking clever, all you are is jail bate, get a life & think about what you can actually do with your life rather than spending it in William Hill blowing your £60 a week dole money.

I love Brixton, but I fucking hate all the small minded plastic gangsters that we’ve got

Aug 8, 2011 18:02

Danny you are so right. I also recently moved here after living in Brooklyn ny for years. I am appalled by what happened. It is shameful and irresponsible. How does stealing breaking and setting fire solve anything? The lack of social responsibility of those ignorant assholes sets their community back 20years! Is the police responsible for their lack of jobs, desire to work or to make a quick dishonest buck? Im no fan of cops. But they are just men doing a job that as proven by the aninalistic.behavior of a bunch of violent dickheads is well needed. Could we live in a world without police? How is hunger for property and easy money justifiable? It is not. Never. And i am disgusted. And if you live in the area stay put tonight. Rumor is they Will be back at it. One can always need another pair of trainers….

Aug 8, 2011 19:37

perhaps you might want to examine your own delusional bias before accusing others of misdemeanour.

Aug 8, 2011 21:50

hey do any of you guys know if the brixton acadamey is ok

Aug 8, 2011 21:52

i really hope this stops now its absolutley horried its distorying the towns and its horrible for the kids to see this god hope this stops minds is for eveeryone x

Aug 9, 2011 0:49

It’s the kids doing it. I call ten to 14 kids in any case. Police brutality might have ignited this, but deprivation and terrible government policy is why it’s spread and continues!

Aug 9, 2011 1:48

As wrong as the government may be, and as much as they are sinking this country, there is NO excuse for mindless violence or looting! Something REALLY DOES need to be done about the countries problems, but this is not the way to go about it, if anything, it will make things harder to get the government to listen!

David Condomoon
Aug 9, 2011 1:50

This is shocking but somehow it seems like it’s been on the cards for a while. The social deprivation caused by the crimminal actions of this goverment have as much to blame, how much do they think people can take? Being slowly squeezed by the tory playboys is no fun for anyone, however the facts are confusing on this Mark Duggan fella, apparently he pulled a gun on the coppers, I’ve also heard the bullet that hit the coppers radio wasn’t from his gun. Overall its a sorry waste of life, but the police don’t exactly have a good record when it comes to shootings either. Alot of the rioters are kids which I don’t find shocking, Kids are getting really cocky these days, Romford has been hit and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all kids, I’ve been threatened, started on countless times since I moved here all by kids!! Unrully fuckers who have nothing to do. I know people who would have kicked the shit out of them should they have been in that situation, I just don’t really want to punch a child in the face, not much of a challenge is it? My retaliations are purely verbal. There was one kid who made loud meowing noises at me which I thought was hilarious and weird.

Aug 9, 2011 7:09

Hello, my name is Alexander. I’m from Russia. I’ve been to London many times and was surprised by degree of demographic decay and social degradation that is coming first of all in your world outlook, which represents in inadequate tolerance. You can not understand (or really afraid to admit this) that these riots are the beginning of the end, the end of Europe. This began in France in 2005 and this will be continuing and worsening. The reason is absurd and self-killed race policy, demographic suicide, liberalism and spiritual impoverishment.

Aug 9, 2011 8:38

I reckon the state should re-introduce the use of the Stocks and allow the innocent public to throw whatever they want at the criminals locked in them.

If their death ensues, it’s cheaper than using hanging.

Aug 9, 2011 8:43

I also reckon that the wearing of hoods should be made illegal, regardless of the temperature.
The same argument about the use of the Burkha in public applies to the wearing of hoods.
Visual Identitiy should never be hidden.

Aug 9, 2011 8:53

If you youngens dont remember Battle of the Beanfield back in 80’s, you”l not be aware that this type of treatment is nothing new! back then pregnant women were beaten with police batons, kids ripped out of their homes while the police smashed everything around them! this is what they do when you threaten normal life!! Back then it was about a way of life, this to me is just young folk and i beat many are not from the uk, having a free for all. no respect for anyone….look at the footage of the kid with the bloody nose,being helped and robbed at the same time!! us hippies didnt do shit like that..this is way different!!

Aug 9, 2011 10:19


Aug 9, 2011 10:21

What a disgrace. In a world where there are people starving and not even able to have BASIC human needs filled such as safe drinking water, we have these miscreants looting and burning. They have the latest cell phones, newest clothes, they want for nothing. If they wish to live the life of a criminal, it is high time for them to learn that there are consequences to their actions. Use the water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, etc. When arrested and convicted, they should serve prison terms.

But no, we have to be PC. Hold their hand, baby them. No wonder why they continue on. In this day and age, the criminal has all of the rights, the victim none.

Aug 9, 2011 10:24

I dont think there is a racist element to this.

what about all the young black men shooting black men around London?…..thats more tragic and needs to be addressed. then a copper shoots a black guy and it is racist….far too simple an argument.

the guy with the gun the cops shot…that gun like many others no doubt would have been passed around to shoot other young black men.

you live by the sword – you die by the sword. I dont like the idea of coppers with guns, but i like some jacked up teenager with guns even less

there is someting amiss here…but its deeper than the police whacking a few people on the head.

theres not much around here in west norwood but they still tried to kick in shops.

And unlike the 80s when it was all kicking off then – there was a certain amount of sympathy amongst ordinary folk to what was going on. I havent found one who agrees with what they are doing to OUR community.

Andy – wait till you are surrounded by a load of yoof with weapons as I was in my car in camberwell yesterday and tell me that you wouldnt someone to come and help you – even if they were in a uniform. as it was the police woman in the police van was their target and it all seemed a little unfair really – 10 against 1. I was lucky enough to get out at high speed while they considered if i was a worthy target..

The police arent the problem this time – its how this country is being run. do something about it.

Riots news
Aug 9, 2011 12:58

UK Government and monarchy lost all legitimacy
The Citizens of Britain had enough – “Queen and PM must go”
Popular uprisings in Britain has begun, and like everywhere in the world, the first response of the government is to try and crush the revolt by force. In the case of the UK, using horses, helicopters, riot police and other aggressive methods.
Crushing democracy is unacceptable – the Queen and Cameron has lost all legitimacy and must go!
Everyone wakes up asking “WHY?” after witnessing London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Liverpool and all other major metropolitan areas being flooded with anarchy.
Here is WHY:
Besides being a respectless society that is out of touch with the need of poorer communities, raising VAT to unacceptable levels of 20% and being a brutal police state discriminating against foreigners, africans and muslims, we have triggered something far more sensitive through our own example.
The government has led by example. Not too long ago, we have all heard the experts who think they rule the world barking out orders that “Mubarak must go” – “Ben Ali must go” – “Gaddafi must go” when these leaders tried to restore order in their countries.
We have then moved to the point of demonstrating to our citizens that we as a society has NO values and NO respect by bombing schools, hospitals, television stations etc. in Libya to join ruthless rebels in overthrowing a government trying to restore peace and order.
The old saying “what goes around comes around” has certainly not failed Britain!
The very same “winds of change” is now blowing in Britain, these winds of change we thought would enable us to colonise more places in the modern day and age through our ruthless behaviour and false media. Now, the same tools used across the globe like twitter and other technologies are being used in Britain to support popular uprisings.
Forget all the “WHY’s” – what is next?
A one world government is on the horizon – and it’s time for the queen and the government to pack their bags and GO – yes, GO to wherever they suggested Mubarrak and Gaddafi should go..
Britain finally has a real opportunity to be free from the oppressors who ruled for so long with an iron fist covered in satin!
Revolution is here to stay..
The revolution started with Tottenham and Brixton standing up against POLICE BRUTALITY, and quickly spread to Croydon, Clapham, Barking, East Ham, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and developed into total anarchy.

Aug 9, 2011 13:08

Bring in Sharia law and chop off the hands of the looters who have been caught. Ban them from receiving any incapacity benefit tho.

Aug 9, 2011 14:28

to MIKE…..be careful what you wish for!….we dont want that shit here, mush!!

Daniel Browne
Aug 9, 2011 20:32

Are the riots any surprise? No, not really.

What’s been happening with the London riots has been bubbling under the surface for years and we haven’t taken notice until now. There have been multiple youth stabbings, gun crime and gun violence for a long time now. There has been a small outcry, but each time it fades into yesterday’s news. Has society or our government really done anything to deal with this youth culture or have we even wanted to confront the heart of the problem and do something about it?

When 35 youngsters can run through the middle of Victoria station and stab a person to death, which happened last March and is not an isolated incident, are these events not enough to tell us something is not working It’s not a stretch for that level of violence to progress from being internally focused amongst gangs, to externally focused to destruction and looting that we are now experiencing. But we have been cutting youth funding, increasing education fees, ignoring increasing unemployment rates and ultimately ignoring the problem as if it doesn’t affect us. Well it does and now it has, significantly. It’s time to take notice and do something about it. We can’t avoid it any longer.

Have we not questioned if young people can get away with owning guns and committing knife crimes, what’s to stop them doing worse? Clearly not a lot right in the past few days.

When the riots are over, the blame game will begin. Blame the parents, blame education, blame the government. This will not work. What’s needed is a two way strategy. One; a strong message that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable, meet with necessary punishment, and two; we must create viable alternatives for the future, a voice and a society that listens.

Daniel Browne is a professional life coach and business consultant. Daniel has facilitated and coached on community coaching programmes for young people and the unemployed. Daniel grew up in estates in Peckham and East Dulwich. For more information please contact Daniel Browne [email protected]

Aug 10, 2011 1:24

I agree with mike. These people know the worst could happen is them being locked up but if they know hands will be chopped then perhaps they’ll think twice. UK isn’t tough enough on these criminals! Law needs changing ASAP!!!  This very disturbing it’s happening in UK. My home town- Manchester. I’m ever so sad. I adore my town. i am disgusted with theses greedy people. Seriously theses young people have they no shame? Where are their parents or have they sent them? The young boy who was punched by one yob and another stole from his bag. Oh my god- have they no heart? they should die of shame and to parents who raised them- You must be proud! One last word, there is good/bad in black, white, Asian. So stop bringing in race! 

Aug 10, 2011 2:12

Is social networking to be partialy blamed for the recent london riots?

Given the blame pointed at social networking for the recent round of riots, it’s amazing that the 1980s rioters managed to throw a single petrol bomb without the internet for instructions and social apps to organise their street mobs. Same with the French Revolution, the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the fall of the Soviet Union. How did they get off the ground without networked communications tools?
Social movements do not need Twitter, Facebook or BlackBerry messaging to succeed — they need any method of communication (like talking to the bloke next to you) and a sense of injustice (or futility or boredom) to motivate action.

Social movements do not need Twitter, Facebook or BlackBerry messaging to succeed

Aug 10, 2011 2:21

I think that this whole damn thing is totally getting out of control, searching for reasons that are not there, blaming it on racism, or the youth feeling that they have no future prospects, I understand those who may have demonstrated peacefully about the police shooting, however if there was any reason to believe that the youth involved was a serious threat to the lives of others then lethal force, although not a good thing, does become an option.

We will never really know what happened as none of us were there, but blaming the police and accusing them of racism is absurd without the evidence to back up the claim.

What outrages me is the constant spin of any given situation to make it a race issue even though it may not be, as a white man I may not truly understand what it is like to be black, I am sure that at times there is racism towards blacks, but racism also exist towards white people, I find it equally racist that some people feel the need to turn everything around to being whites persecuting blacks, it works both ways and we need to, stop blaming colour or each other and try to work together, it doesn’t always have to be a them and us argument, we are all human being for gods sake!

Understanding the reason that started the protests, doesn’t explain the rest, I know peaceful protests sometimes become violent and I do not condone that, but if the cause is passionate them it usually ends this way, however there is no excuse for the behavior of the other young people getting involved simply because they could see that the police were spread thin.

It seems to me that a large amount of these rioters are just opportunist vandals and thieves, jumping on the bandwagon as it rolls out of control.

I would not believe for one second that they all feel passionate about the shooting, many may not even know about it at all, they just see an excuse to go on a rampage, break stuff and loot, maybe they think it makes them hard or just think it’s funny, but peoples lives and businesses are being wrecked here, I fail to see the funny side of that.

I understand many youngsters involved will be feeling peer pressure to join in or outdo each other, but it is saddening to believe that this is what some of our nations children have grown up to behave like.

My heart goes out to anyone who has been directly affected by the riots and I hope that it can all come to an end soon, before lives start being lost too.

Clarissa D.
Aug 10, 2011 7:22

Let those punks come here to Texas, we’ll blow their asses back to the UK.

newham resident
Aug 10, 2011 11:48

I got this text last night…you can argue that they are trying to ensure ‘our safety’ and ‘prevent trouble’ but i call it a bloody invasion of privacy…just where did they get my number…when i paid online for my council tax/parking ticket? I take great offense to this vigilante action on behalf of Newham and will be looking into it…more fool me to think that my details would be private and not passed onto other agencies.

this is a copy of the complaint i put in to Newham this morning…i will be changing my number….


Data Protection regarding text message from Police – complaint to Newham Council


Details of complaint:

I was under the impression that you did not keep a record of my phone number but it seems that i was mistaken. Last night at 18:32 i received a text message under “LBNMetPolic” saying “Pls keep your children safe by ensuring you know where they are this evening. Police & Council will find & prosecute those involved in violence.”

I have read the section under ‘Privacy’ pertaining to the Criminal Act that states you will “provide for the well being of its citizen [Local Government Act 2000]” and “do all it reasonably can to prevent crime and disorder [Crime and Disorder Act 1998]”. However I feel that your policy on the “Re-use of Public Sector Information” is a violation of my privacy,trust and human rights. I was not consulted on the use of my details at any stage.

What do you want the council to do:

I want my phone number erased from your systems and assurance that this does not happen in the future otherwise i will no longer give out my details to Newham. Obviously this will cause me some discomfort and inconvenience but i feel i need to protect myself.

I wish to restate that i was not reassured by the text but instead felt harassed and intimidated.

I hope you can redress this issue.

newham resident
Aug 10, 2011 12:12

just realised that I’m wasting my time…i work for a newham school..there is no escape from Big Brother…

neil oakleigh
Aug 10, 2011 14:42

The rioters are wrong for what they are doing , but as footage shows the excessive forced used in manchester on innocent people. is so much worse, do the police actually think that using this amount of force is going to solve the problem.

No! people are going to take the anger out on them next time they are confronted, the situation is only going to get worse, and will the IPCC do anything about it NO! lack of evidence will prob be the reason, Such as the media coverage, Not once did i hear a reporter say about the amount of force and if it was excessive.

Bring on the water cannons and rubber bullets, lets see how the rioters react to that one, 4 deaths so far mm how many more to come. rioters, innocent and poilce alike

manchester resident
Aug 10, 2011 16:07

Here’s another perspective from on the ground in Manchester with photos and video: http://hypervocal.com/news/2011/what-it-looked-like-on-the-ground-in-manchester-during-tuesdays-riot/

Eazy V
Aug 10, 2011 16:32

It’s only going to get worse if the police continue to use excessive force, all they are going to do is force the riots into the worst areas and turn them into lawless zones. This is NOT RACE RIOTS- quit believing the shit politicians and news tell you. It’s just the same elitist tactics of turning the bourgeois against one another which has been used for centuries.

Rich Taylor
Aug 10, 2011 17:18

If anyone wants to see the facts/data visualised – I got told about this infographic via Facebook >> http://deals.org.uk/uk-riots-2011/

Aug 10, 2011 20:20

hi all i personally think that the rioters if they do indeed have a point to make are going about it the wrong way. what needs to happen is everyone in the uk with a car, van, bus whatever should just drive to london and bring the whole of the uk to a standstill. that way there will be no one at work, there will be no public transport, no riots the police would be able to patrol there own towns and city’s and big buissness and the royal family would have to intervene and tell the government to either get it sorted or get out simples.

James Levy
Aug 11, 2011 9:46

The rare inteligent comments in these blogs are well thought through and some quite illuminating! The worrying thing is the number of intelectually chalenged semi litterate ranters! do you people actually reallise what you are saying? do you possess any trace of an IQ whatsoever? have you really thought through what you are saying?
There are no ‘Police Attrocities’ in this country! I have lived in countries where this happens, this is not one of them! the UK is perhaps the most tollerant country in the world, and certainly the one where freedom of speech is most respected! The problem is this freedom has been abused by people who believe that ‘freedom/freeedom of speech’! means their right to behave with little or no regard for other people or indeed property, and shout, rave and rant, their ignorance and idiocy as loudly as possible! The Police in this country are neither racist nor are they totalitarian, to suggest this is miss-informed supreme ignorance!
When people behave in a violent, aggressive, anti-social, way! whatever the reason, they no longer have human rights! human rights exist for people who suffer terribly through no fault of their own! Equally it is nonsense to suggest that society has ‘failed’ these people, that they are ‘victims’ poor and marginalised! this this really is absurd and dangerlous nonsense, and simply justifies and excuses what has happned and the events and attitudes leading up to it! Many people in the world are marginalised, poor and with little material padding , my experience as i have travelled around the world, is that most of these people are kind, decent , friendly and hospitable people, possessed of great dignity and indeed often spirituality! they are in no sense violent or full of hatred. The people who have infested the streets of London with their violence and aggression are NOT victims, not in any sense, they are respionsible for their actions NOT society or the government and certainly NOT the Police, If the Police killed a gun carrying thugh in Tottenham, then they i am sure had a very justified reason ( and i do not in any sense condone violence at all) The Police in this country do NOT run around willy nilly shooting people at random or beating them up, quite the contrary!
Once again i make the point, that the violent aggressive ‘being hard and manly’ sexist, racist, humophobic imagery, words and ;’feel’ of hip hop/rap music and cretinous mindless garbage like grand theft auto, has along with lack of disciple in school and appaling parenting created the situation we now fined ourselves in. You should all be reminded that good manners, politness, being gracious, compassionate kind and caring are things that should be valued and be the template of eductation! On a happy note! my experience is that in fact most people are rather nioce and decent, whatever ther cultural or ethnic background!! Londonm indeed is a wonderful multi-culture, a unique template for a real ‘cultural revolution’ where colour or ethnicity have no meaning!
It kis now neccessary for the goverment to take quite harsh and brave action to deal with this problem, it can be cured, quite easily, if they disregard all the bleatings about ‘human rights’ and ‘marginalisation’! People have the right to live their lives without fear of ‘the streets’! Politiness and good manners must be the goal and in a sense people must be ‘forced to learn how to behave in a civilised way’! The time of machismo obsessed hood wearing loutish cretins trying to ‘big up’their illusions of potency, and unable to put a sentance together without grunting ‘bro,blood or innit’ is passing! Namaste!

Aug 12, 2011 1:12

Teach young children in the schools about people like gandhi, king Ashoka, chandragupta mourya, Gautama Buddha who were kings and emperors who could have lived a comfortable life had they wanted but instead they gave away their wealth and empire and chose the path of penance and meditation and propagated peace and non violence, violence not only against humans but also against animals. We teach children about Alexander the great, nepolion and the European colonialist rulers who looted, destroyed other civilizations, you are taught to be proud of your colonialist rulers who looted, attacked others. British looted all the wealth gold, silver, diamond from india but the forgot to loot the real wealth of india that is wealth of a culture which teaches moral values to society, teaches how to respect elders and teaches and propagate the path of peace and non violence…

Aug 12, 2011 1:19

Your young generation is out of control, they have no restrictions they are deprived of moral…. It’s the beginning of the end…. And the reason for the downfall would be nothing else but your culture change it because it’s the root cause, before it’s too late and society collapses

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