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Kiese Laymon on Language, Love and ‘Long Division’ Podcast

Author Kiese Laymon talks to Ceasefire's Hana Riaz and Rukayah Sarumi about his novel 'Long Divison' and using language as a tool of resistance and affirmation.

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Kiese Laymon

For those of us who love reading, coming across a book that sticks and stays heavy with you for days, weeks, even months is a merciful joy. It’s the type of fullness you wait on and wait for every time you open something new.

Kiese Laymon’s debut novel, ‘Long Division’, published last year, was one that we knew would resonate with us far beyond 2013. Audacious, witty and beautifully written, it offers a necessary commentary on race, class, religion, gender and sexuality in the South through a series of critical American moments, transforming them with a daring imagination.

We caught up with Laymon to discuss language, love and blackness, both in ‘Long Division’ and his collection of autobiographical essays, “How To Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America”.

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Hana Riaz

Hana Riaz is a London-born and based writer. She is the founder and director of The Body Narratives Ltd, a platform and community organisation that supports the development of women of colour creatives. Follow her on Twitter @HanaRiaz.

Rukayah Sarumi

Rukayah Sarumi is a lifelong Londoner who works on women's maternal and sexual health and rights. A committed community organiser, she is passionate about people, social inclusion and political education. Follow her on twitter @RukayahSarumi

Usayd Younis

Usayd Younis is Ceasefire Digital Editor. He is a filmmaker and the director of black & brown, a production company that centres the stories of people of colour. He tweets at @usayd

Nathan Edward is a freelance writer and journalist, researcher, oral historian and digital storyteller. You can follow him on Twitter @Umanyano

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