Blog | Free the Hares boys: Protestors demonstrate outside G4S London headquarters

Lucy Yelland reports on yesterday's London protest against G4S's involvement in the torture and detention of five Palestinian children.

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On Friday, Jan 4th 2014, protesters gathered outside the G4S headquarters in London Victoria, holding placards and distributing leaflets denouncing the torture and imprisonment of five Palestinian children.

These five boys from Hares, in the occupied West Bank have each been charged by the Israeli military court with 25 counts of attempted murder for throwing stones.

Free the Hares boys (5)

Without any evidence of these alleged offences the boys have been imprisoned for 10 months in a G4S-secured facility, without trial, and subjected to brutal solitary confinement for up to two weeks, robbing them of their basic human rights.

Free the Hares boys (2)

This protest is part of a global campaign demanding the immediate and unconditional release of all the children.

Free the Hares boys (6)

Free the Hares boys (1)


Free the Hares boys (7)

Free the Hares boys (10)

Free the Hares boys (11)



Lucy Yelland

Lucy Yelland is a Journalism student in her final year at Salford University. She is an activist from London who presents her own weekly discussion show on ShockRadio, covering political issues and activism around the world. She tweets at @lucyyelland.


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Eugene Egan
Jan 5, 2014 22:02

G4S is complicit in these crimes and the more people are made aware of this the better. Like Israel, G4S is not held accountable. They’re more concerned with profits than human rights…

Seymour Alexander
Jan 6, 2014 12:53

Thanks for helping publicise the campaign against G4S for its complicity in Israel’s war crimes. Great pictures.

Hares Boys campaign team
Jan 7, 2014 11:52

Thanks to everyone who attended the protest and to Lucy Yelland for putting this beautiful photo story together.

Israel currently holds around 200 Palestinian children incarcerated in G4S-equipped adult military prisons. It is deliberate state policy meant to criminalise the young generation, devastate them psychologically and break the spirit of their families. Torture of children in these prisons has been well-documented.

Please support the campaign for justice for the Hares Boys. All the latest info is here: Here’s what YOU can do: And this is what happened to the Hares Boys:

Freedom for the Hares Boys! Freedom for all Palestinian children!

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