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Re: Changing the subject: on “Asian grooming” as political fig leaf Correction

Following a complaint from Martin Narey, we have reviewed this article. The article discussed Sir Martin's comments on the Rochdale abuse cases in the context of prominent abuse cases in British young offender's institutions. We would like to make clear that there is no direct link between the abuse cases discussed in the article and Martin Narey's leadership of the Prison Service. The crimes for which Neville Husband was convicted were committed before Martin Narey joined the Prison Service. Martin Narey has issued a public apology for child abuse in the Prison Service, but states that: "the abuse did not occur when I was in a position of authority". In light of Sir Martin's complaint we have decided to remove this article. If you have any enquiries regarding the matter please contact the editor-in-chief at [email protected]

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May 17, 2012 15:17

Some excellent, well articulated points here. Well done

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