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How I got here…

Aya Sophia is a 22 year old student living in London. Until recently, her life so far has been the same collection of excesses and conformity as of any other young 'westerner'. And yet, a year ago, restless with angst, she decided to embark on a path of self-discovery in search of 'Meaning' in her life. To her surprise, she found herself seriously considering converting to Islam, and so has decided to spend this year discovering, and living, the faith. In her new blog, 'Aya Sophia: Journal of a Muslim-to-be", she will share with Ceasefire readers her journey towards what could be the most important decision of her life.

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By Aya Sophia

My name is Aya Sophia. I am a 22 year old student and I live with my family in London. My parents are of different races and adhere to entirely different belief systems. My mother is an atheist and my father deeply embedded in his native cultural traditions. I have a vast mixture of friends. Throughout my life I have periodically denied God, ignorantly followed the traditions of my father, raved, drunk and acted recklessly. Fortunately, I have found minute instances of solace in all these ‘ways’ of life. Lost in what appears to be normality, I began to search for meaning.

This is the diary of a soul and its spiritual awakening. An emotional and often erratic unfolding of what is, what is not and what could be. In an attempt to decode the inner workings of the mind, it will be contradictory, rife with passion and on many occasions silent.

This is an account of what I hope will be my glorious journey to Islam.

[‘Aya Sophia’ is a pseudonym]


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