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    Opinion | Saudi’s bombing campaign is destroying my country, Yemen, and Britain is helping them do it

    In the second essay in our three-part #StopDSEI series, Safa Al-Shamy gives her perspective on the motivations for the Saudi attack on her country, Yemen, the humanitarian crisis it has caused, and the UK’s role in supporting it.

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    New in Ceasefire, Notes from the Margins, Politics - Aug 18, 2017 14:36 - Comment

    Essay | History, Peace and Beauty: On Barcelona’s Ramblas

    Matt Carr pays homage to his old city, Barcelona, a target of yesterday’s attacks. This was not the first time the Ramblas has been visited by terrorism, he writes. But, once again, we must mourn, then resume the difficult search for a society where such things cannot happen — where haters, extremists and fascistic reactionaries can have no place.

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    New in Ceasefire, Special Reports - Sep 1, 2017 11:30 - Comment

    Special Report | ‘War starts here, let’s stop it here’: Anger as death-dealers head for London

    In the final essay in our three-part #StopDSEI series, Paul Cudenec reports on the toxic politics at the heart of DSEI, the world’s largest arms fair, and the protest action set to greet it in London’s Docklands next week, with opponents aiming to physically to stop it being set up.

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    In Theory, New in Ceasefire - Aug 21, 2017 17:27 - Comment

    An A to Z of Theory | Augusto Boal: The Rainbow of Desire

    In the last of his seven-part series on the radical dramatist Augusto Boal, Andrew Robinson looks at the Rainbow of Desire, a set of techniques designed to deal with internalised oppression. Robinson surveys Boal’s continuing influence, and the thorny question of whether theatrical challenges to oppression are always emancipatory.

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    Arts & Culture, Books, New in Ceasefire - Aug 16, 2017 13:31 - Comment

    Literature | Where Epics Fail: On the enduring power, and beauty, of aphorisms

    “It falls to the epigram to remind us of our higher selves and larger allegiances to one another”. American-Egyptian poet and author Yahia Lababidi introduces an exclusive selection from ‘Where Epics Fail’, his forthcoming collection of aphorisms.

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